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Iliana Perez

She/Her/Hers Director of Research & Entrepreneurship, Immigrants Rising

Dr. Perez has developed resources and training to inform undocumented people about entrepreneurship; has developed programming to help undocumented people start and grow their businesses; and has helped build an entrepreneurship ecosystem. In 2020, Dr. Perez played a significant role in shaping SEED, a multi-million dollar initiative aimed at offering entrepreneurship education, financial support, and technical assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs throughout CA. Through SEED, Immigrants Rising has offered entrepreneurship training to over 1,700 individuals and has disbursed close to $4M in grants to more than 700 immigrant entrepreneurs.

Email Address iliana@immigrantsrising.org
LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilianaperez/
State California
Webpage https://immigrantsrising.org/making-money/
Social Media https://www.instagram.com/immigrantsrising/
Main area of practice
  • Career/NEBO
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate/Professional School
  • Licensure
  • Research & Data
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