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Hugo Garcia Villa

He/Him/El Program Manager, University of Washington Leadership Without Borders

Hugo is a proud son of Mexican immigrants and is an advocate for issues surrounding social justice and accessibility. Hugo understands the importance of higher education and is a first-generation graduate from the University of Idaho. Hugo has worked with youth from different backgrounds including living abroad in Costa Rica studying and working as an English tutor. Hugo has continuously worked with underrepresented communities and has worked as a Bilingual Youth Counselor for foster kids. Hugo has worked on citizenship campaigns for the City of Seattle. Hugo currently works to serve and empower undocumented students.

Email Address hugogv@uw.edu
State Washington
Webpage http://depts.washington.edu/ecc/lwb/
Main area of practice
  • Academic Advising/Support
  • Admissions/Registrar
  • Education and Training
  • Student Services/Co-Curricular
  • Undoc Student Center/Liaison
Specializes in These Areas
  • Latinx
  • Worker Rights
  • Foster Care
  • First-Generation
  • Activism
  • Deportation/Returnees
Examples of current or past work Past work 1 (application)
Aspirations for this online directory To share and access online resources as well as learn from others by networking in hopes of best practices for undocumented students and their mixed status families.
I'm open to... Networking, Mentoring, Consulting for a fee, Consulting for free, Provide a service