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Heather Mazorow

She/Her/Hers Assistant Dean of Conduct and Residence Life/PDSO, University of Maine at Presque Isle

I have been in the field of international education 14 years working in a variety of subfields such as ISS, study abroad, global/ DEI programing, intl orientation and bridge programs, housing, and intl research. I have worked for public community colleges and state universities; private STEM, arts, and religious institutions; for the Department of Education and with foreign Ministries of Education.

Email Address heather.mazorow@maine.edu
State Maine
Main area of practice
  • Legal Services/Immigration
  • Research & Data
  • Undoc Student Center/Liaison
Specializes in These Areas
  • Disability/Ability
  • Housing
  • First-Generation
  • Non-traditional students
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)
Aspirations for this online directory Knowledge and access to more resources
I'm open to... Networking, Mentoring