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About the Directory: This Undocumented Student Communities of Practice Directory stemmed out of our partnership with The Dream.US and Immigrants Rising during our 2022 SUCCESS Convening and will serve as a hub where practitioners who work with undocumented students can find other practitioners’ contact information and areas of expertise. By facilitating these connections, we hope to promote information sharing, coalition building and best practices among practitioners at higher education institutions across the U.S.

About this form: In this Communities of Practice Directory Form, we will collect your contact information, bio, headshot, campus information and areas of practice. We will then create a public “profile” for each practitioner that will live in the Higher Ed Immigration Portal (“the Portal”). By submitting this form you consent to having your information publicly listed on the Portal. You can ask for your information to be edited or removed at any time by contacting Ivana Lopez Espinosa at ivana@presidentsalliance.org.

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the form.

Undocumented Communities of Practice Directory

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Undocumented Communities of Practice Network

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