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Report on University Sponsorship of Refugee Students

The report outlines a path and recommendations for the U.S. to develop, implement, and sustain a university sponsorship program for refugee students. The Toolkit provides information to spread awareness of The RESPONSE Campaign: College and University Sponsorship of Refugee Students.


What Students are Saying

An Amazing Program

"This is an amazing program and should be implemented as soon as possible to bring more enlightenment to both us and these eager refugee students."

Habso Mohamud St. Cloud State Alumni '21, Somalia

Brightest Minds Waiting for Their Opportunity

"Refugee students who are currently overseas are struggling to maintain the most basic needs of living. While doing all of that and risking their lives everyday, they still value education and have it as their top priority. From my personal experience and that of those I've attended university with, some of the brightest minds are just waiting for their opportunity to be able to shine and support their families back home."

Nour Alhafar University of Evansville, Syria

Open Windows For Refugee Students

"[This is an] important program because it opens windows to refugee students and their families ...it will make the transition easier for such refugee students... and help them adjust to the culture shock that they will go through."

Omar Kaziz Salve Regina University, Syria

Prepare Students to Implement Strategies of Change

"Giving students access to higher education in the US would help and prepare them, and provide them with the skillset and toolkit to implement strategies of change and to make peace and build resilient communities... That's why we need to support this."

Sami Salloum Graduate Student, Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students

Incredible Leaders Making a Difference in Their Communities

"One of the unique perspectives that refugee students bring to colleges, universities, and the workplace is their diversity of cultures and backgrounds. Also, they are incredible leaders who want to make a difference in their communities. Most importantly, they do not take education for granted. They are very hard workers who make sure that they succeed academically and also in life."

Miriam Cing Trinity College, Student Voices for Refugees

Refugees Bring Different Backgrounds, Perspectives, and Diversity

"I believe that if universities participate and bring in refugees, the returns will be phenomenal. Refugees bring different backgrounds, different perspectives, and diversity to the campus where other students will be able to learn from them, as well. "

Neh Meh Graduate Student at Brandeis University

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The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration (Presidents’ Alliance) has established the Refugee Student Strategy Table, a committee of student leaders from refugee student communities to inform and guide the Presidents’ Alliance work and objectives. While Presidents’ Alliance members are presidents and chancellors of U.S. colleges and universities, the Student Strategy Table will help ensure that the Alliance is informed by and responsive to the priorities, needs, experiences, and expertise of those who are directly impacted by immigration policies.


  1. Hold at least seven (7) meetings a calendar year via zoom or phone;

  2. Help identify and inform the Presidents’ Alliance about the challenges or obstacles faced by refugee and forcibly displaced students in higher education;

  3. Inform the development of and provide feedback on the use of best practices across colleges and universities and share the best practices amongst their respective institutions;

  4. Inform the development of and provide feedback on federal and state policy recommendations;

  5. Provide feedback on Presidents’ Alliance materials, guides, and other products so that the resources are responsive and attuned to impacted students’ experiences, whether at the campus level or beyond; and,

  6. Participate in Presidents’ Alliance briefings or webinars.


Members of the Student Strategy Table will receive $25 honorariums in the form of a gift card for each meeting (not including the information session) they participate in.

Can you confirm your interest and commit to attend seven Zoom sessions of one (1) hour each throughout this academic year?
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