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An estimated 454,000 undocumented students are enrolled in higher education, with ten percent of these students (45,400 students) studying in graduate school. While the field of higher education has worked to develop equitable policy and practice for undocumented students at the undergraduate level, a focus on graduate school is imperative. The authors reflect on what they have learned working with undocumented students in graduate school through work with My Undocumented Life (MUL), a website with almost two million views that provides up-to-date information and resources for undocumented immigrants. The article discusses the challenges that undocumented students face in pursuing graduate school, such as charting pathways to graduate school in isolation, seeking information specific to undocumented students, decisions around whether to disclose one’s immigration status, and lack of financial aid opportunities. The authors provide recommendations for universities to build programs specifically for undocumented students in graduate school.

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