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Tuition Equity Policy Brief for Wisconsin

Dreamers of Wisconsin recently published a policy brief on tuition equity for undocumented students. This brief includes an overview of undocumented students in higher education, history of tuition equity initiatives, and it contextualizes the current state and institutional policies in Wisconsin. Additionally, this brief analyzes relevant research and social and economic data to demonstrate the benefits of and present a case for tuition equity for undocumented students.

Lastly, the brief highlights the following four policy recommendations:

  1. Restore the policies of AB 75 (2009), granting certain undocumented students access to
    in-state tuition.
  2. Offer access to state and private financial aid in line with the policies put forth by the state
    of Minnesota’s Prosperity Act (2013).
  3. Increase student support services, including financial support, for undocumented
    students. These include status-cognizant financial aid and mental health services, relevant
    legal support related to student status, culturally competent trainings for faculty and
    staff, access to employment and internship opportunities, and targeted programming
    designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for undocumented students within the
    campus community.
  4. Create and maintain a set number of ASM allocations dedicated to undocumented students.