Syrian Youth Empowerment: A College Access Program for Displaced Students

A Refugee-led Initiative and Effective Practice in Improving College Access for Displaced Students Syrian Youth Empowerment (SYE Initiative, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers youth in conflict zones by providing a path to higher education. Founded and led by Syrian refugees who experienced first-hand the challenges associated with continuing higher education both inside and […]

Career Pathways for Undocumented Students With and Without Work Authorization: Income Generation

One of the top priorities that undocumented students and alumni have identified is the need to generate income as well as pursue career opportunities in their field of interest. The challenges are particularly acute for undocumented individuals without work authorization. This resource compilation provides materials, websites, recordings and presentations that are geared towards undocumented students […]

Promoting Equity for Undocumented Students in Secondary Education.

Congress continues to debate the structure of a potential budget reconciliation package. Congress must prioritize programs that support college access, affordability, and student success for undocumented students. This resource notes how America’s College Promise program, which is part of the Build Back Better Act, would have guaranteed two years of free community to all, will […]

Resources for Colleges and Universities Supporting Afghan Newcomers in the U.S.

Fact Sheet: Higher Ed Afghan Response Colleges and universities can provide much-needed protection and support for Afghan newcomers. Supporting access to higher education is at the core of the higher education mission. In supporting and enrolling Afghan refugee students, U.S. colleges and universities can improve refugee integration outcomes, expand access to higher education for refugee students, […]

Offering Scholarships for Refugee Students Overseas

Eight Tips and Things to Consider A limited number of U.S. colleges and universities offer scholarships specifically for refugee or displaced students. You can find many of these scholarships listed on UNHCR or IIE’s websites. These scholarships create opportunities for refugee students to access U.S. higher education and a way for colleges and universities to […]

Traveling on Advance Parole: A Guide for DACA Recipients

This post contains resources from American University’s Defending The Dream AU Initiative and other partners on Advanced Parole and information on what the program is and how Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients can apply for it. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an Advance Parole document may authorize a non-citizen who […]

Visualizing Resettlement Campuses

Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) Launches Mapping Tool Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) launched a new map tool that allows users to visualize higher education support for refugee resettlement across the country. The Partnerships for Establishing Resettlement Campuses (PERC) Map Tool shows potential partnerships between local resettlement agencies, colleges and universities, refugee service providers, and advocacy organizations to […]

5 Things to Know About Optional Practical Training (OPT) for International Students

Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience and begin contributing their education and training to the U.S. immediately. More than a million students from around the globe attended universities to obtain their higher education degrees and without OPT many would have to leave the U.S. in order to use their skills […]

Briefing – University Sponsorship of Refugee Students: Initiative on Increasing U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students

Briefing on University Sponsorship of Refugee Students The Presidents’ Alliance and its partners in the Initiative on U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students held a briefing on December 2, 2021 to discuss our newly released report and recommendations on university sponsorship of refugee students. Since an inaugural strategy meeting in May 2021, over a hundred […]

A Toolkit for Education and Awareness of University Sponsorship of Refugee Students

RESPONSE Campaign Toolkit To build support for university sponsorship of refugee students, the Presidents’ Alliance launched the RESPONSE Campaign: College and University Sponsorship of Refugee Students. This toolkit provides the information and tools for you to join and spread awareness about the RESPONSE Campaign. The toolkit can be used by everyone from students to higher […]