School for International Training and World Learning – The New Vermonter Education Program

Through a whole of organization effort, World Learning and the School for International Training’s New Vermonter Education Program (NVEP) provides temporary housing, English language, and cultural orientation programming for refugees in southern Vermont in partnership with the Ethiopian Community Development Council, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, and the Tutorial Center in Bennington, Vermont. NVEP has supported […]

Duolingo University Access Program

Created in partnership between Duolingo and the UNHCR, the Duolingo University Access (DUA) Program aims to create improved pathways to higher education for refugee students, by offering one-on-one guidance and assistance with the university and financial aid application processes, as well as immigration and visa processes.  1. Purpose for the Program Currently, only 7% of […]

The Refugee Health Navigator Program

The Refugee Health Navigator Program was developed to address common barriers to health care and to increase health systems comprehension for refugees. Students from different programs at Georgetown University are paired together and matched to a newly arrived family working with a resettlement agency. The program is intended to help remove the barriers to health […]

Bard College: enrolling and supporting displaced students and scholars

Bard’s program reflects the College’s long history of supporting displaced students and faculty. In August 2021 Bard pledged 100 scholarships to students at risk following the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. In 2022 Bard launched the Refuge Scholarship for students from Ukraine and Russia. These initiatives now comprise one program that provides tuition, room, board, and […]

The RESPONSE Campaign

The RESPONSE (Refugee Sponsorship for Education) Campaign From 2021 to 2023 the RESPONSE Campaign: College and University Sponsorship of Refugee Students, gathered a coalition of partners and students with refugee backgrounds to build support for a new college and university refugee sponsorship program, by providing refugee students expanded pathways to resettle, study, and obtain legal […]

Refugee Eligibility, Documents & Aid

Statuses & Eligibility for Financial Aid and In-State Tuition With the expanding use of a greater variety of immigration protections for displaced persons in the U.S. and emerging state legislation expanding access to in-state tuition for forcibly displaced students, it can be challenging for students and staff to understand what they are eligible for. This […]

Unlocking Potential: Enhancing Community College Services for Immigrant and Refugee Students

New Report on Community College Services for Immigrant and Refugee Students Upwardly Global published a new report, “Unlocking Potential: Enhancing Community College Services for Immigrant and Refugee Students.” A 2023 survey of campus practitioners found that “Close to 80% of respondents say their community college needs to improve their capacity in meeting the specific needs […]

Immigrant-Origin Students in U.S. Higher Education (Updated August 2023)

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration commissioned a Migration Policy Institute-produced report, Immigrant-Origin Students in U.S. Higher Education, demonstrating that, in 2021, more than 5.6 million students, or 31% of all students enrolled in colleges and universities, were immigrants or the children of immigrants. The report’s findings reveal the growing proportion of first […]