Undocumented Chicanx/Latinx Graduate Students: Illuminating Home-Based Sources Of Support

This qualitative research study explores the experiences of Chicanx/Latinx undocumented graduate students in higher education and specifically examines the home-based teachings and learnings employed by their parents to access and navigate higher education institutions. The study is guided by the research question: How do undocumented Latinx graduate students make sense of the forms of support […]

How Can We Improve Graduate Training for Undocumented Students? Ethnic and Nativity-Based Inequities in Political Science Graduate Education

This article highlights the unique barriers that undocumented students face during graduate training and proposes potential solutions. The author calls attention to the demographic diversity of undocumented students and the significant Asian and Pacific Islander subpopulation; as well as the fact that not all undocumented students are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Thus, […]

The Long-Term Impact of DACA: Forging Futures Despite DACA’s Uncertainty

This report presents results from the UnDACAmented Research Project, which examines how young people have experienced their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status from 2013-2019. DACA provides temporary relief from deportation and work authorization, allowing beneficiaries for social mobility such as access to higher education and professional employment. This report summarizes the experiences of […]

Discourse and Power: Building Educational Pathways with Undocumented Students

The authors research the labor contract negotiations that occurred on September 12, 2013 by undocumented undergraduate students and graduate students who testified before the University of California (UC) to include UC Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors as job opportunities for undocumented students. During this negotiation, (1) Students described how current university policies and systems prevented […]

Wasted talent and broken dreams: The lost potential of undocumented students

This special report covers the DREAM Act for the Immigration Policy Center. The political debate over undocumented immigrants in the US has largely overlooked the plight of undocumented children, who account for 15% of the population. These children have grown up in the US and received much of their education, but without legalization, they are […]

Beyond Access: Psychosocial Barriers to Undocumented Students’ Use of Mental Health Services

This article examines a unique population of undocumented immigrants who have access to healthcare to identify how immigration status hinders mental health service utilization in the absence of barriers related to eligibility and insurance coverage. Little is known about how undocumented immigrants navigate healthcare utilization issues apart from access. The authors conducted semistructured interviews with […]

A Narrative Toolkit on the Social, Mental, and Emotional Effects of an Uncertain Future for DACA

A Narrative Toolkit on the Social, Mental, and Emotional Effects of an Uncertain Future for DACA This toolkit is a resource for those interested in including personal narratives about the effects of having DACA discussed and argued throughout the policy’s existence—including Congressional staff, media, and advocates. This toolkit contains a narrative repository of the stories […]

Reupping Mental and Emotional Health and Well-Being Impacts of Policy Announcements on DACA Recipients in Aftermath of Hanen Decision

The Consequences of Inaction: Social, Mental, and Emotional Effects on DACA Recipients in Limbo The Im/migrant Well-Being Research Center and scholars from the University of South Florida and the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at George Washington University partnered to examine the mental, social, and emotional impact of this limbo on DACA recipients living with precarious […]