Student Narrative: Diing Manyang

Refugee students and alumni in the U.S. share their experience and perspective. Current and former students from refugee backgrounds face a number of obstacles accessing higher education in the U.S. Here we share their experiences, their perspectives on the proposed university sponsorship initiative, and celebrate their contributions to U.S. campuses and communities. Diing Manyang “My […]

Offering Scholarships for Refugee Students Overseas

Eight Tips and Things to Consider A limited number of U.S. colleges and universities offer scholarships specifically for refugee or displaced students. You can find many of these scholarships listed on UNHCR or IIE’s websites. These scholarships create opportunities for refugee students to access U.S. higher education and a way for colleges and universities to […]

Visualizing Resettlement Campuses

Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) Launches Mapping Tool Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) launched a new map tool that allows users to visualize higher education support for refugee resettlement across the country. The Partnerships for Establishing Resettlement Campuses (PERC) Map Tool shows potential partnerships between local resettlement agencies, colleges and universities, refugee service providers, and advocacy organizations to […]

FAQs to understand a new pathway for refugee students through university sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions The launch of the report on university sponsorship for refugee students is the beginning of an iterative process to build and implement an effective university sponsorship program that will evolve to meet the needs of students and the context. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about university sponsorship […]

Timeline for Refugee Students: From Application to Arrival on Campus

Process Overview The process for refugee student entry under a new “P4 category” would involve coordination between the implementing organization (I.O.), overseas partner organizations, the U.S. government and higher education institutions. From application to arrival on campus, the process would take about 22 months. This chart outlines the process for refugee students. The chart is part of […]

Guiding Principles for University Sponsorship of Refugee Students

Guiding Principles for University Sponsorship of Refugee Students The Initiative on U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students developed the following guiding principles to inform and ground the design and implementation of any college or university sponsorship program for refugee students. 1. Student-Centered. University sponsorship should be student-centered and focus on refugee learners’ inherent strengths, placing students’ prior […]

Key Policy Recommendations For The Implementation Of University Sponsorship Of Refugee Students

Recommendations to add Priority-4 (P4) as a new refugee admissions category In order to make university sponsorship for refugee students a reality, the Initiative on U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students outlined key policy recommendations for the U.S. Government, including the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Immigration and partner agencies: Approach program […]

Creating a New Pathway for Refugee Students Through University Sponsorship

Why We Need A New College And University Pathway For Refugees Forced displacement has doubled in the past decade, and 2020 was another record-setting year in terms of the number of people forced to flee their homes. By the end of 2020, 82.4 million individuals were displaced worldwide and an estimated  1.4 million are currently […]