Walking the Talk: How University Communities Can Foster Opportunities for Refugee Students

Walking the Talk: How University Communities Can Foster Higher Education Opportunities for Refugee Students & Scholars As part of an ongoing collaboration to scope what the U.S. higher education community is doing to support refugees and at-risk migrants, the University Alliance for Refugees and At-Risk Migrants (UARRM) and the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and […]

Public Opinion and Perceptions About International Students in the U.S.

This section highlights key resources related to prevailing attitudes about international students based on public opinion polls. Most of the surveys below show that a majority of Americans express positive support for the presence and retention of international students. Findings from NP Strategy’s monthly omnibus survey of 800+ respondents in August 2020 in partnership with […]

Strengthening Your Campus Website for Undocumented Students: A Guide for California Colleges and Universities

This guide, updated in August 2020,  provides concrete recommendations to build or strengthen a college or university’s online presence to support undocumented students. It includes an overview of important elements, recommended language, and key resources for your existing Admissions (A&R) and Financial Aid (FA) websites. It also includes guidelines on creating or expanding an Undocumented […]

Immigration Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Smith College outlines several resources for undocumented and DACA-eligible students on their website.  On this site, Smith shares the resources offered on their campus as well as a statement of commitment. Since early 2017, executive orders enacted by the Trump administration​ have created significant volatility in U.S. immigration policy. Amid this uncertainty, Sm​i​th College remains […]

“How Can I Get My Papers?” Full Report

Released in December 2019, How Can I Get My Papers?: Lessons Learned From A Decade of Online Legal Intakes for Undocumented Immigrants, contains a comprehensive analysis of a decade of legal screenings for close to 3,000 undocumented immigrants, including findings related to immigration relief, access to counsel, educational attainment, criminal backgrounds, eligibility for Dream-related legislation, […]

Educational Resource Binder: College Access For Undocumented Students in California

The Educational Resource Binder is filled with crucial, up-to-date information educators, students, and allies can use to increase college access for undocumented students in California. The binder ensures individuals have the resources they need to support undocumented students who are pursuing higher education. Binder Sections Educator Picks Undocumented Student Profiles In-State Tuition & Residency California […]

College Presidents with Undocumented Students: Eastern Connecticut State University

As part of The College Presidents with Undocumented Students Film Series, the UndocuScholars team at the Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education at UCLA met with a leader in the field, President Elsa Núñez at Eastern Connecticut State University in February 2019 to learn more about her work with undocumented students. Equity in higher education […]

An Undocumented Student Guide To College in Michigan

Applying to college as an undocumented student can be challenging, especially when there are limited resources in Michigan to support undocumented students apply and enroll in higher education.  This guide, created by a number of Michigan community organizations, is designed to help undocumented students and their families by providing resources available for undocumented students interested […]

Campus Checklist to Prepare for Court Decisions on DACA

On December 4, 2020, a federal district court ruled in Batalla v. Trump that the Trump administration must restore Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to its original terms. The court’s decision rescinds a Trump administration memorandum that severely limited and undermined DACA, effectively restoring DACA to the terms and eligibility of the original 2012 […]

Undocumented Graduate and Professional Students Handbook

The Undocumented Graduate and Professional Students Handbook, created by the Advisory Council on Immigration Policy at the University of California Los Angeles, provides a general overview for undocumented students who wish to pursue graduate and/or professional studies. The handbook walks through a brief history of the Advisory Council on Immigration Policy, University of California diversity […]