Higher Education Guide to Funding Opportunities for Undocumented Students

This resource provides guidelines and suggestions for higher education institutions who wish to establish and implement funding and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate undocumented students. The guide compares admissions and funding opportunities for undocumented students, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, provides an overview of funding and financial aid options, and […]

Higher Ed Guide to Tuition, Financial Aid, & Other Funding Opportunities for Undocumented Students

The following resource provides an overview of in-state tuition, state financial aid, and other funding policies and opportunities for undocumented graduate and undergraduate students at both public and private institutions. The resource highlights actions public and private colleges and universities can take to expand and grow higher education access and funding opportunities for undocumented students, […]

Campus Fellowships for Experiential Learning, Pomona College

An Effective Practice. The Campus Fellowships for Experiential Learning offers students an opportunity to engage in an independent, self-designed, project-based experience completed with the support of staff and/or faculty advisor/mentor at Pomona College. Fellows receive a stipend for experiences that encompass the following:  A project that furthers students’ academic interests and/or career development Take the […]

Creating Fellowships Program: A Guide For Educational Institutions

This document provides an overview of fellowships, which are often used in an educational context to support students in their studies or professional development and can provide a sum of money. The document examines best practices in crafting an “inclusive” fellowship that is available for all students regardless of immigration status. The guide differentiates between […]