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International student alumni in the U.S.: Making a difference at the community, state and national level

Current and former international students live and work across the entire U.S., in large cities as well as small towns. Here we share the stories of ten individuals whose daily work in key areas contributes to U.S. communities and society.

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Karthik Krishnan, Global CEO Britannica and Adjunct Professor, NYU

Karthik Krishnan moved to the US from India and graduated from New York University – Stern School of Business with an MBA and the distinction: Stern Scholar. Karthik believes in the transformative power of education and is passionate about lifelong learning and societal impact. As the Global CEO of the Britannica Group, he is focused on elevating trustable information in the digital universe and transforming learning inside and outside classrooms. He is also an adjunct Professor at New York University — Stern School of Business and serves on the board of Urban Upbound, a nonprofit focused on transforming the lives of people in public housing in New York City.

Invited to the World Economic Forum Expert Network, Karthik is a recognized expert on Education, Healthcare and Information Media. Recent World Economic Forum articles : 3 vital skills for the age of disruption, Our education system is losing its relevance. Let’s unleash its potential. He is an advisor to UNICEF and Global Coalition for Education on Youth Skills and Education. He was involved with William J. Clinton Foundation and was recognized by former President Clinton for his leadership in launching the Urban Enterprise Initiative. He has been involved in a number of transformative initiatives including Doubling India’s agricultural production, Transforming Harlem (New York City) into a vibrant business community and tourist destination, and Establishing New York University (Stern Business School) as a top school for Entertainment, Media and Technology specialization. He is currently collaborating with a number of organizations to shape the path from “Education to Employability to Economic independence” and ensure that education is a path to prosperity (not disappointment).