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This comprehensive resource hub, a project of the Legal Pathways that Work initiative, offers a suite of resources, trainings, and other tools to support access to employment-based visas and careers in the U.S. post graduation for non-citizen students and graduates, including Dreamers with and without DACA.

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Briefing: Streamlining Dreamers’ Access to Employment-Based Visas Using D-3 Waivers

On July 10th, 2024, the Presidents’ Alliance, TheDream.US, and partners hosted a briefing that discussed the significance of the Biden-Harris Administration’s new executive actions to streamline D-3 waivers and access to employment-based visas for eligible college and university graduates, including DACA recipients and other Dreamers. The briefing covered many topics such as the timeline for implementation, how it may work, who could be eligible, and how businesses and campuses can engage to support eligible beneficiaries, including DACA recipients and other Dreamers.

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Webinar for Legal Practitioners: Understanding Biden’s Announcements on Employment-Based Visas for Dreamers and Parole-in-Place to Keep Families Together

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