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Access for Undocumented Students

University of Portland

5000 N. Willamette Blvd Portland OR 97203

University of Portland

5000 N. Willamette Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97203 USA

Access Information

  • Are undocumented students considered or treated as domestic students for purposes of admission and financial aid?


    Additional information:"Please note, at the University of Portland (UP), an international student, for admission purposes, is defined as an applicant eligible for a temporary visa or is already maintaining a nonimmigrant status which allows for study in the U.S."

  • Are undocumented students eligible for merit-based aid/scholarships?


    Additional information:"All accepted students are evaluated for merit based scholarships, no additional application is needed."

  • Are undocumented students eligible for need-based financial aid?


    Additional information:"Come to Believe Network (CTB) selects cohort members based on a recruitment and application process focused on key criteria that indicate readiness to host a CTB-model college, including: a commitment to social justice, proximity to a significant population of Pell-eligible and undocumented students, a reputation for academic excellence, substantial capacity for advancement, and access to generous need-based state financial aid."

  • What financial aid applications should an undocumented student submit (i.e. CSS, FAFSA, forms unique to the school)?

    Common Application; UP Application

  • Does the college or university have an assigned staff member for undocumented students (i.e. such as an undocumented student liaison) or an undocumented student resource center?


  • Is there a student organization or club comprised of or advocating for undocumented students?


  • Does your school provide free/low cost access to legal services for undocumented students for immigration-related issues (e.g. DACA renewals or applications, legal screenings)?


  • Does your institution have a website specific for undocumented/DACAmented student support services?

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