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Access for Undocumented Students

Princeton University

Princeton NJ 08544

Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey 08544 USA

Access Information

  • Are undocumented students considered or treated as domestic students for purposes of admission and financial aid?


    Additional information:"At Princeton, we seek applications from highly qualified students regardless of their citizenship status. Princeton’s admission and financial aid policies are the same for undocumented and DACA students as they are for all other students applying to the University for admission or financial aid."

  • Are undocumented students eligible for merit-based aid/scholarships?


    Additional information:"Princeton financial aid is awarded solely based on need; there are no merit scholarships."

  • Are undocumented students eligible for need-based financial aid?


    Additional information:"The University’s need-based financial aid program applies equally to all applicants. If admitted, DACA and undocumented students can be confident that their full financial need, as determined by the financial aid office, will be met."

  • What financial aid applications should an undocumented student submit (i.e. CSS, FAFSA, forms unique to the school)?

    Common Application, Princeton Financial Aid Application

  • Does the college or university have an assigned staff member for undocumented students (i.e. such as an undocumented student liaison) or an undocumented student resource center?


  • Is there a student organization or club comprised of or advocating for undocumented students?


  • Does your school provide free/low cost access to legal services for undocumented students for immigration-related issues (e.g. DACA renewals or applications, legal screenings)?


  • Does your institution have a website specific for undocumented/DACAmented student support services?

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