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U.S.-Afghan Women's Council



The founding members of the University Network for Afghan Women and the USAWC will co-host an event to highlight collaboration among network members and invite additional universities to join. There will be two panels during the event. One panel will explore how universities can work with partner organizations to place Afghan students and how Afghan students are supporting Afghan refugee communities on campuses in the U.S. The second panel will explore how universities could obtain funding to provide additional scholarships how they could make online degree programs more accessible to women in Afghanistan, and how students in the U.S. can mentor or tutor students in Afghanistan.

You can read more about some of the speakers at this event also featured on the Directory Hub:

  • Danielle Macdonald, Associate Professor in Anthropology & Sociology at the University of Tulsa, here
  • Pam DeLargy, Exec Director, Education for Humanity, School of Politics and Global Studies and ASU President's Office, Arizona State University, here

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