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The American Association of Colleges and Universities


Washington, D.C.

Join the Presidents' Alliance team at the 2024 AAC&U Annual Meeting for a session dedicated to Sustainable Models and Inclusive Practices to Enroll and Support Undocumented, Refugee, and Displaced Students. The Meetings will be held from January 17 to January 19.

This session will outline who are undocumented, parolee, asylee, and refugee students, the immigration and education pathways available to them, the barriers they face in accessing higher education, and provide practical resources for campuses seeking to enroll and support them.  Among the nearly 2 million first-generation immigrant students in U.S. higher education, a majority are non-citizens, holding a range of immigration and legal statuses. All of these students reflect the incredible racial and ethnic diversity of immigrants in the U.S. While most of the 408,000+ undocumented students in higher education do not have DACA, three-quarters of these students came to the U.S. at a young age. In addition, we are living in a time of historic displacement, with over 100 million displaced individuals worldwide, and an increasing number of campuses across the country are seeking to support more recent arriving humanitarian parolees, displaced, and refugee students coming from abroad. Navigating how to support these very diverse, immigration-impacted student populations can feel overwhelming for most institutions’ staff.

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