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The Refugee Advocacy Lab and Refugee Congress are pleased to invite you to a webinar on July 11th, 1:00 pm-2:00 pm ET,  “Equitable Access: Understanding Categories of Forcibly Displaced Populations in the United States and Strategies for Inclusive Advocacy.” 

Refugees who are resettled to the United States are provided with access to a variety of federally funded benefits and programming in the first few months of their arrival to help them establish new lives in their new communities. Despite their limited nature, these support services go a long way towards assisting refugees to navigate their new homes and ultimately become successful, self-sufficient members of their community.  Yet, there are several other categories of forcibly displaced newcomers in the United States that do not have similar access to integration services despite being “lawfully present.” Complicating matters further, there are variations among states on who has access to what services. Some state and local governments have attempted to address these inequities by expanding access to certain services to other categories of newcomers, with varying degrees of success. In this webinar, attendees will gain a better understanding of the different legal categories of forcibly displaced newcomers, what that means in terms of access (or lack thereof) to support services, and strategies for advocating for policy changes at the state and local levels that are inclusive of all newcomers.

This webinar will kick off a new training program the Refugee Advocacy Lab and Refugee Congress will be piloting this fall. Participants of this webinar will also be invited to apply to one of three small group sessions to be held in the fall of 2024 focused on providing subject matter policy expertise and specialized feedback on policy advocacy projects they are currently undertaking in their relevant cities or states. These sessions will be tailored to the specific needs of applicants based on the project descriptions they provide in the application. The application process will be open from July 11th -August 2nd.  More details will be forthcoming in a separate email.

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