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One of the top priorities that undocumented students and alumni have identified is the need to access resources that are tailored to meet their unique educational and workforce needs and experiences. The UndocuTeacher Resource Center (UTRC) is a resource made by undocumented professionals for undocumented aspiring teachers. The UTRChas been co-developed in collaboration with various staff members across Nevada State College who have experienced being undocumented first-hand and understand the unique challenges undocumented and DACAmented students experience in higher education and specifically in the teaching profession. The UTRCis intended to help bridge gaps that currently exist to making the teaching profession accessible & equitable for ALL undocumented immigrant communities. 

The UndocuTeacher Resource Center is inspired by the work started by Jahahi Mazariego, who created the Undocumented Student Guide for Student Teaching Practicum for Northern Nevada students. Aspiring educators whose immigration status has been made a barrier by larger systems can use this to reach their professional goals. Its goal is to help stream-line the process for licensure and increase the accessibility of the teaching profession to all communities, particularly undocumented immigrant students who are committed to serving the places they call home.

Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration is thankful to Mariana Sarmiento Hernandez, Esmeralda Carretero Rodriguez and Marcela Rodriguez-Campo from Nevada State College who are exploring how to increase opportunities for undocumented educators. They are doing work supporting undocumented students at Nevada State College.  We continue to work together to explore what independent contracting possibilities may exist within a K-12 school context.

Note: this resource is state specific as Nevada has unique licensing requirements. Although many of the resources may not apply to other states, it is a helpful model to follow.