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The Student Voices for Refugees Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit that provides resources for and about students from a refugee background. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are nearly 82.4  million displaced people around the world. This toolkit aims to help members of the U.S. higher education community to expand higher education support services for forcibly displaced students. The toolkit informs policy action, and provides written guidelines and resources based on existing higher education programs in the U.S. so that best practices can be replicated. It also aims to promote awareness of refugee issues.

The toolkit includes the following sections and resources:

  • Vision/Rationale: This section provides an overview of the toolkit’s objective: an inclusive higher education community where refugees residing in the U.S. and overseas are empowered to access, succeed, and thrive in higher education.
  • Definitions Matter: This section offers guidance on the various terminology and correct definitions in regard to students of a refugee background. These definitions give proper context to immigrant statuses.
  • Key Challenges and Recommendations: This section focuses on the challenges that many students of a refugee background may face as they try to enter into higher education and recommendations to alleviate these obstacles.
  • Universities Guide: A resource guide for universities who want to create scholarship and mentorship programs for students of a refugee background.
  • Student Advocates Guide: A guide for students that gives useful tips on the role of student advocates and how they can help their fellow students by promoting higher education, creating a welcoming campus, and promoting opportunities.
  • Multimedia Library: A series of interviews, resources, and videos from community partners and organizations.

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