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A report created by Immigrants Rising, Strengthening Your Campus Website for Undocumented Students: A Guide for California Colleges and Universities, provides concrete recommendations for colleges and universities to build or strengthen their online presence to better support undocumented students. Given the increasing reliance on technology and the accessibility of online resources, an institution’s website is often the first place prospective and current undocumented students look for information about colleges or universities. The report notes that having a strong online presence can increase recruitment and retention by connecting these students to vital information, services, and events.

The report includes an overview of important elements, recommended language, and key resources for an institution’s Admissions (A&R) and Financial Aid (FA) websites. It also includes guidelines on creating or expanding an Undocumented Students Resources (USR) page.

The report includes the following resources:

The guide specifically focuses on institutions based in California. It provides institutions with information to help evaluate their online platforms to ensure that information about in-state tuition (AB 540/SB 68), the California Dream Act, scholarships, and support services is available, up to date, and easy to find.

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