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First page of the Pre-Health Dreamers FAQ Guide for pre-med undocumented students interested in medical school.

Pre-Health Dreamers developed a guide, Frequently Asked Q&A: Medical School for Pre-Med Undocumented Students Across the Nation, for pre-med undocumented students interested in attending medical school. The guide answers questions that may come up as undocumented students consider their career path into medicine. It provides information on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), application timelines, application processes, and institutional policies to be aware of.

Pre-Health Dreamers investigates and shares information on career pathways for pre-health undocumented students and supporters. It advocates for more expansive institutional and governmental policies, including institutional change, by collaborating with educators and administrators to develop more equitable opportunities for undocumented students. They are dedicated to strengthening partnerships with health professionals, institutions, associations, immigration and social justice attorneys, or policy makers to build and create effective pathways of support for undocumented students.

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