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Informed Immigrant launched a new Guide for Undocumented High School and College Students. This guide has resources and information for undocumented high school and college students, both with and without DACA. The goal of this guide is to equip undocumented youth and educators with resources and knowledge to help students make informed decisions about their future and feel supported in their next steps after high school, including entering the workforce and applying to college. 

Although this guide is geared primarily toward undocumented students, the guide may also be helpful to students with other immigrant backgrounds and experiences.


The Guide for Undocumented High School and College Students is divided into three parts: 

  1. Options for Undocumented High School Students (English, Spanish) – Walks students through a variety of options available after high school including entering the workforce, enrolling in a trade school, and applying to college. 
  2. Resources for Applying to College As An Undocumented (English, Spanish) – Provides tools and information to help students engage in the college search and application process and options to pay for school.
  3. Resources for Undocumented College Students (English, Spanish) – Shares resources for how students can engage in on-campus advocacy and talks through some key points about campus safety for undocumented students.

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