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As Pre-Health Dreamers, our goal is to advocate for institutional change by collaborating with educators and administrators to develop more equitable opportunities for undocumented students. We are dedicated to strengthening our partnerships with you: a health professional, an institution, association, immigration, and social justice attorney, or policymaker to build and create effective pathways to support undocumented students. 

This assessment is created to serve as a resource for task forces, individuals, and departments to evaluate the holistic support and resources their institution provides. It emphasizes and encourages the inclusiveness of resources from general financial aid and academic advising departments to ensure the success, retention, and matriculation of undocumented students. The different sections list vital support that undocumented students pursuing degrees, especially health profession degrees, need from their campus staff, administrators, task force, etc. Under each column, you and your team can determine whether a specific area is already provided on your campus; if the support needs to be strengthened; or if the campus is currently not able to provide such support as well as other levels of assessment. Furthermore, we encourage you to analyze the roadblocks that may keep you from strengthening your support and connect with individuals that may be able to assist early in the developmental process. 

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