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This document provides tangible steps to develop an effective undocumented student task force, or strengthen an existing one, in order to create meaningful institutional changes on your campus.

An Undocumented Student Task Force is a small group, usually four to twelve people, that brings together a specific set of skills to build or institutionalize support for undocumented students. Task forces within higher education institutions can be created on an “as needed” basis or appointed by campus administration.

A Successful Task Force:

  • Commits to addressing roadblocks and building inclusive institutional practices.
  • Identifies and prioritizes short-term and long-term SMART goals.
  • Clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each member.
  • Has a standing meeting time that allows for maximum participation.
  • Appoints co-chairs for the Task Force (if possible). Does not rely solely on the coordinator of undocumented student services to drive institutional progress.
  • Ensures representation of front-line staff, administrators, and faculty from key departments that directly affect student enrollment, retention, and success.
  • Has diverse membership that extends beyond Latinx support services and/or programs. Ensures participation of undocumented students to foster their empowerment and center the task force around their lived experiences.
  • Seeks buy-in from campus administration and trustees to maximize impact.
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