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Building Effective Support for UndocuEducators to Thrive and Persist in Higher Education

Undocumented educators (or “UndocuEducators”) are a vital resource to undocumented students to ensure their success in higher education. Their shared lived experiences provide them with special expertise and cultural competency to more effectively guide their students through college. However, UndocuEducators face challenges that make it difficult for them to retain and thrive in their roles. Their consistent high turnover in their positions means that higher education institutions are losing out on valuable guides and mentors for their undocumented students.

In order to help bring awareness about the challenges and nuances that UndocuEducators experience in higher education, Immigrants Rising developed this guide. The guide serves as a roadmap for supervisors, task force members, administrators, presidents, and chancellors to take specific, measurable steps. It helps campus stakeholders learn how they can ensure that UndocuEducators, who play crucial roles in higher education, thrive and succeed in their institution.

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