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Briefing on University Sponsorship of Refugee Students

The Presidents’ Alliance and its partners in the Initiative on U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students held a briefing on December 2, 2021 to discuss our newly released report and recommendations on university sponsorship of refugee students.

Since an inaugural strategy meeting in May 2021, over a hundred individuals, representing over 60 organizations, have collaborated to create policy and program recommendations for the establishment of a refugee student pathway to US higher education through a college/university refugee sponsorship program, which involves providing refugee students expanded pathways to study, resettle, and obtain legal permanent residence in the U.S. This event featured a conversation with refugee students, and speakers discussed the scope of the global challenge, the profound impact it can have on refugee students and campuses, and how we can mobilize U.S. higher education leaders and campuses to advocate for and engage in a new university sponsorship program.

You can find the resource folder, including speaker bios and slides, here and find the full report here.