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Having an undocumented student program on campus is vital to the retention and success of undocumented students. This guide, A Guide To Building On-Campus Undocumented Student Programs, created by Immigrants Rising, walks readers through developing programming for an undocumented student program in the absence of a dedicated coordinator position, program budget, or designated space.

The recommendations in this guide are based on learnings from the undocumented student programs that were built from the ground up at San Francisco State University and Skyline College.

The idea of creating an undocumented student program can often seem cost-prohibitive and overwhelming. However, there are many tangible steps that individuals or groups can take to kickstart programming for undocumented students. Immigrants Rising created this guide for campuses that do not yet have dedicated funding or staffing but need a place to start. In this guide, they map out incremental benchmarks that campuses can strive for in developing in their programming and eventually advocate for a dedicated coordinator and physical space for the program.

This guide also offers three essential components to building an undocumented student program:

1) a Dream Center/Coordinator;

2) an Undocumented Student Club; and,

3) an Undocumented Student Support Task Force.

Immigrants Rising calls these the “Three Pillars of a Successful Undocumented Student Program.”

Resource: A Guide To Building On-campus Undocumented Student Programs.

Organization: Immigrants Rising

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