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About the Tool: The private institution interactive tool tracks admission and financial aid policies for private institutions. While private institutions might seem unreachable for undocumented students because of cost, it is imperative that undocumented and other immigrant students are aware that there are certain private institutions that provide them with access to financial aid, support services, and community. This tool was inspired by a high school student who collected data from 200+ private institutions when he was applying to college and found it difficult and time-consuming to identify what type of support each institution provided for undocumented students.

The private institutions tool will:

  1. Help undocumented students make informed decisions when applying to private institutions,
  2. Promote and make readily accessible the opportunities available at private institutions, and
  3. Provide valuable information for high school counselors and higher ed practitioners who work with undocumented students.

By providing this resource, we hope it will prompt other colleges and universities to expand resources for undocumented and immigrant students and share their policies that would create greater access for undocumented and refugee/displaced students.

About this form: We invite you to complete this form on your admissions and financial aid policies, and campus support services for undocumented and refugee/displaced students. Please note that institutions will be appearing on the tool regardless of whether they fill out the information because the tool will utilize any publicly available information, but our goal is to work with institutions to ensure the most accurate information is represented. You can ask for your information to be edited at any time by contacting Felecia Russell at felecia@presidentsalliance.org

 It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the form.

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