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This “one-stop” refugee-focused hub, provides access to a suite of resources, tools, and training to support the work of colleges and universities desiring to engage or already engaged in supporting refugee students and non-students.

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Organizations supporting U.S. Higher Education institutions engaged in refugee work

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Welcome Corps on Campus: welcome refugee students to your campus (fall 2025)

Welcome Corps on Campus leverages the capacity of U.S. higher education institutions to serve as resettlement spaces and academic opportunities for refugee students, foster more diverse and inclusive campuses, and create a sustainable opportunity for colleges and universities to welcome refugee students on their campuses. Join one of our upcoming Consortium’s public Information Sessions to learn more about the program and how your campus can participate.

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Meeting – Welcome Corps on Campus Information Session

Welcome Corps on Campus - Mobilzation Team

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Meeting – Welcome Corps on Campus Information Session

Welcome Corps on Campus - Mobilzation Team

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What Refugees and Institutions are Saying

Shabnam Fayyaz

Refugee students bring with them a unique and diverse set of experiences that not only include their own culture, languages, and traditions, but their perspectives having lived through conflict, displacement, trauma, death of family members, poverty, and uncertainty. Many have been separated from their family at a young age and had to become self-reliant. Because of these experiences, they do not take life and educational opportunities for granted and they treasure every opportunity and work hard to make the most of these opportunities. Those who survive also are marked by an enduring hope and optimism. These perspectives and experiences can enhance the thinking, opinions, and experiences of other students on campus with regard to immigrants and refugees and other cultures.

Shabnam Fayyaz Alumna, Columbia UniversityMeet Shabnam

By not only giving refugees scholarships or finances, but also by making it easier for them to get documents, it will help refugees around the world. I am a strong believer in education because I know education not only opens doors for refugees, but gives them hope. It’s no longer a time where refugees should be secluded from the rest of the world. It is time for all of us to take action

Diing Manyang Alumna, George Washington UniversityMeet Diing

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