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The Higher Ed Immigration Portal (the Portal) is a platform that integrates data, policy analysis, and resources to support DACA and undocumented, refugee, other immigrant, and international students.


Our mission is to inform federal policymaking, fuel change at the state and campus level, and build a diverse movement of partners and stakeholders advocating alongside immigrant and international students.

The Portal provides higher education leaders, policymakers, students, and other stakeholders with the information and tools they need to inform immigration policies that expand access to higher education, degree completion, and post-graduate career success. 

We bring together 24+ partner organizations and contributors from the higher education and immigration fields, working together to expand the impact and reach of our work. The Portal is an  inclusive approach to making advocacy and best practice initiatives more cohesive and effective. It allows partners to quickly ramp up their work and share resources in response to changing policies within states and at the federal level, and provides strategic messaging to create a positive narrative about these students.  

The Portal is a long-term, strategic project of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration

Why: A Necessary Tool

Higher education is uniquely positioned to educate the public and inform policymakers on policy matters that impact immigrant and international students. They can speak to the immense contributions that immigrant and international populations in higher education make to their campuses, communities, the economy, and the nation. With the right data, policy analyses, and effective practices, higher education leaders can advocate for policies and practices that enable immigrant and international students to reach their full potential. 

Today’s challenges and opportunities for reform exemplify the need for the Portal as a nonpartisan, evidence-based, centralized source of information and messaging that moves forward the conversation on issues related to higher education and immigration. The Portal provides data and narratives that highlight the contributions of undocumented, refugee, and other immigrant students and alumni, as well as  international students, scholars, and alumni. 

Join Our Movement

The Portal represents  a coalition of more than 12 partners and contributors working together to maximize our collective impact. We welcome new partners and sponsor to join the coalition. 

You can contact us here if you have any questions about our work, know of additional resources to feature on the Portal, or are interested in joining our coalition as a partner or sponsor.