Kentucky Innovative Scholarship Pilot Project

Supporting Displaced Students Kentucky is piloting an innovative approach to both supporting displaced students and promoting a trained and retained workforce in their state. The state is leveraging existing state funds to provide scholarships  and create a state-wide higher ed community of practice on how to enroll and support displaced students. Kentucky’s General Assembly passed […]

Fostering Migration & Trauma Informed Campuses

Psychological First Aid Training As colleges and universities aim to welcome students that have experienced displacement, it’s important to foster campuses that are migration and trauma-informed spaces.  One step some campuses are taking is Psychological First Aid (PFA) training. PFA is a tool that can be used for anyone, but can also be used to […]

Tuition Equity Policy Brief for Wisconsin

Tuition Equity Policy Brief for Wisconsin Dreamers of Wisconsin recently published a policy brief on tuition equity for undocumented students. This brief includes an overview of undocumented students in higher education, history of tuition equity initiatives, and it contextualizes the current state and institutional policies in Wisconsin. Additionally, this brief analyzes relevant research and social […]

Career Pathways for Undocumented Students With and Without Work Authorization: Income Generation

One of the top priorities that undocumented students and alumni have identified is the need to generate income as well as pursue career opportunities in their field of interest. The challenges are particularly acute for undocumented individuals without work authorization. This resource compilation provides materials, websites, recordings and presentations that are geared towards undocumented students […]

Immigration and Racial Equity for Immigrant and International Students

As the U.S. and its campuses continue to pay greater attention to the longstanding impacts of racial and social injustice, there is also an increasing focus on how campuses are tying together racial equity efforts and immigration issues—areas that often intersect and can lead to cumulative marginalization for certain student groups. The growing attention to […]

International Students and Immigrants in Medicine and Healthcare: Challenges and Barriers

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration hosted a webinar, International Students and Immigrants in Medicine and Healthcare: Challenges and Barriers, on May 26, 2021. International students and immigrants in the medical and scientific fields are a highly visible group in the U.S., from the corridors of medical schools and hospitals to research laboratories. Despite […]

Immigration Status and Postsecondary Opportunity: Barriers to Affordability, Access, and Success

Immigration Status and Postsecondary Opportunity: Barriers to Affordability, Access, and Success for Undocumented Students, and Policy Solutions This article, published in The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, discusses how immigrant and undocumented students face significant barriers in accessing and obtaining a postsecondary degree. The anti‐immigration agenda of the Trump administration and its impact on […]

Promising Practices: Highline College (The Puget Sound Welcome Back Center)

The Puget Sound Welcome Back Center at Highline College (PSWBC) in Highline College is a program that aids educated professionals recertify to work in the United States. Individuals educated internationally receive help on the pathway to return to their chosen career in Washington State. PSWBC started in 2008, initially serving healthcare professionals, but in 2014 expanded […]

Promising Practices: South Texas College (Integrated Career Pathways)

The South Texas College’s Integrated Career Pathways (ICP) program is designed to allow certain immigrant students without a high school diploma or high school equivalency (HSE) certificate to transition from contextualized English as a second language (ESL) into credit-bearing postsecondary occupational programs while acquiring an HSE certificate and basic literacy skills. The ICP program offers […]

Promising Practices: Portland Community College (IET Career Pathways)

Integrated Education and Training (IET) Career Pathways are specifically designed to meet the needs of non-native English speakers, including immigrants, who may have a breadth of education and experience in their native country but need to develop their English communication skills, earn industry-relevant credentials, and/or apply their skills and knowledge within the context of the […]