Our Refugee Neighbors: A National Gain

Our world has changed dramatically over the past year. A raging pandemic has swept through the globe, impacting industries, livelihoods, and social systems in its wake, while taking vast numbers of individual lives. It is estimated that refugees and those forced to flee their homes have been some of the most affected: forced displacement had […]

Career Outcomes and Pathways of International Students and Alumni

It is only in recent years that research has begun to document the career outcomes and pathways of international students and alumni. The following resources include key evidence on the longer-term trajectory of international students that have studied in the U.S. and have either remained in the U.S. or returned home. Career Prospects and Outcomes […]

TheDream.US 2019-2020 Scholar Survey Report: In Their Own Words

From May through mid-June, 2020, TheDream.US administered its second Annual Scholar Survey to better understand our Scholars’ college experiences and the contexts in which they are navigating their college and career journeys.  Given the unprecedented pandemic, TheDream.US included a section on the impact of COVID-19 on the Scholars’ academic journey and personal well-being. In addition […]