Immigration and Racial Equity for Immigrant and International Students

As the U.S. and its campuses continue to pay greater attention to the longstanding impacts of racial and social injustice, there is also an increasing focus on how campuses are tying together racial equity efforts and immigration issues—areas that often intersect and can lead to cumulative marginalization for certain student groups. The growing attention to […]

Guiding Principles for University Sponsorship of Refugee Students

Guiding Principles for University Sponsorship of Refugee Students The Initiative on U.S. Education Pathways for Refugee Students developed the following guiding principles to inform and ground the design and implementation of any college or university sponsorship program for refugee students. 1. Student-Centered. University sponsorship should be student-centered and focus on refugee learners’ inherent strengths, placing students’ prior […]

Increasing Inclusivity for Undocumented Asian Pacific Islander (API) Students

This resource is for educators and allies to learn tangible and effective practices to uplift and connect with undocumented Asian Pacific Islanders (API) students in your college or university. This resource is a template for educators to recognize undocuAPI presence, increase advocacy, and create safe spaces to provide support to this underseen community. These promising […]

TheDream.US 2019-2020 Scholar Survey Report: In Their Own Words

From May through mid-June, 2020, TheDream.US administered its second Annual Scholar Survey to better understand our Scholars’ college experiences and the contexts in which they are navigating their college and career journeys.  Given the unprecedented pandemic, TheDream.US included a section on the impact of COVID-19 on the Scholars’ academic journey and personal well-being. In addition […]

Promise Programs: An Avenue to Expand College Affordability, Access, and Success for Undocumented Students

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration (the Presidents’ Alliance), in partnership with Research for Action, published a fact sheet, Postsecondary Education and Undocumented Students, that examines how College Promise programs can help advance affordability, access, and success for undocumented students. The fact sheet demonstrates how Promise programs, which typically offer funding to cover […]