Graduate & Professional School: Pathways & Support Systems

Graduate and Professional school is an increasingly necessary step for professional and economic development. The resources on this page share promising practices to address barriers undocumented students face in accessing, funding, and completing graduate or professional school. Practitioners interested in learning how to remove or reduce institutional barriers and individuals interested in pursuing graduate school […]

Career Pathways for Undocumented Students With and Without Work Authorization: Income Generation

One of the top priorities that undocumented students and alumni have identified is the need to generate income as well as pursue career opportunities in their field of interest. The challenges are particularly acute for undocumented individuals without work authorization. This resource compilation provides materials, websites, recordings and presentations that are geared towards undocumented students […]

FAQ on Experiential and Funding Opportunities for Undocumented Students

The purpose of this document, FAQ on Experiential and Funding Opportunities for Undocumented Students, is to provide campuses and their legal counsel with information on developing nonemployment-based, funded experiential opportunities for undocumented students. This document sets forth legal considerations pertinent to experiential and funding opportunities that institutions may consider providing to undocumented students.  The following […]

One Refugee: Supporting Students From Refugee Backgrounds

Students from a refugee background resettled in the U.S. face a number of challenges in accessing higher education. This effective practice provides an overview of One Refugee (1R), a nonprofit organization based in Utah, that has made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of college students from a refugee background. 1R provides students […]

Fellowships and Other Non-Employment Based Opportunities for Undocumented Students

For higher education institutions interested in examining funding opportunities for its undocumented students, it is important to ensure that a fellowship or internship opportunity is not an employment relationship: “Institutions may be able to provide internship stipends to students who accept off-campus internships. For example, students who accept an unpaid internship to further their study/training […]

Undocumented Graduate Students Initiative

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education & Immigration (Presidents’ Alliance), in collaboration with university and organizational partners, established the Undocumented Graduate Student Initiative in September 2019 to develop resources for institutions seeking to recruit, enroll, and support undocumented graduate and professional students, as well as for undocumented students seeking to pursue graduate or advanced degrees. […]

Higher Education Guide to Funding Opportunities for Undocumented Students

This resource provides guidelines and suggestions for higher education institutions who wish to establish and implement funding and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate undocumented students. The guide compares admissions and funding opportunities for undocumented students, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, provides an overview of funding and financial aid options, and […]

Creating Fellowships Program: A Guide For Educational Institutions

This document provides an overview of fellowships, which are often used in an educational context to support students in their studies or professional development and can provide a sum of money. The document examines best practices in crafting an “inclusive” fellowship that is available for all students regardless of immigration status. The guide differentiates between […]