The Refugee Health Navigator Program

The Refugee Health Navigator Program was developed to address common barriers to health care and to increase health systems comprehension for refugees. Students from different programs at Georgetown University are paired together and matched to a newly arrived family working with a resettlement agency. The program is intended to help remove the barriers to health […]

Refugee Eligibility, Documents & Aid

Statuses & Eligibility for Financial Aid and In-State Tuition With the expanding use of a greater variety of immigration protections for displaced persons in the U.S. and emerging state legislation expanding access to in-state tuition for forcibly displaced students, it can be challenging for students and staff to understand what they are eligible for. This […]

A Narrative Toolkit on the Social, Mental, and Emotional Effects of an Uncertain Future for DACA

A Narrative Toolkit on the Social, Mental, and Emotional Effects of an Uncertain Future for DACA This toolkit is a resource for those interested in including personal narratives about the effects of having DACA discussed and argued throughout the policy’s existence—including Congressional staff, media, and advocates. This toolkit contains a narrative repository of the stories […]

Resources DACA Recipients Can Use to Pursue Their Education

DACA recipients face unique challenges when applying for and attending college. Resources such as financial aid and navigating state and federal policies are critical for success. Fortunately, there is a wealth of online resources dedicated to the academic success of students with DACA status. See below for those resources. Finding DACA-Friendly Colleges and Universities  Different […]

Graduate School Resources for Undocumented Students 

Graduate School Mini-Conference Resource List   In 2021, TheDream.US, My Undocumented Life Blog, Pre-Health Dreamers, Cientifico Latino, and How to College: First Gen hosted a graduate school mini conference for undocumented students hoping to pursue graduate school. If you are an undocumented student pursuing graduate school, below, you will find information and resources from the […]

How to Apply for Emergency Advance Parole as a DACA Recipient

Informed Immigrant published a comprehensive emergency advance parole guide that empowers DACA recipients facing urgent international travel needs. Through USCIS, DACA recipients can apply for an advance parole (AP) document which allows them to temporarily travel abroad and re-enter the country. The normal advance parole application process can take up to 8 months to process […]

Dreamers Graduate Loan Program

A student-friendly loan program for Dreamers with DACA or TPS status provides graduate school loans with interest rates based on those available to U.S. citizens. There are no fees to take out a loan, no cosigner or minimum credit score requirement, and no prepayment penalty, and borrowers have access to free 1:1 financial coaching. ABOUT […]

Massachusetts Tuition Equity for Dreamers: What You Need to Know

Introduction Massachusetts expanded access to in-state tuition, as well as state financial aid to undocumented students on July 1, 2023 through their “High School Completers” tuition equity law. Before the passage of this law, recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) were eligible for in-state tuition at all public colleges and universities in Massachusetts and DACA […]

Texas In-State Tuition: What You Need to Know

Texas In-State Tuition: What You Need to Know In 2001, then-Governor Rick Perry signed the Texas Dream Act, House Bill (H.B.) 1403, which provides the state’s eligible undocumented students, including DACA recipients, with access to in-state tuition and state financial aid. Out-of-state tuition rates are typically three times higher than in-state rates, on average. Thanks […]

UndocuGrads at UC Berkeley

Throughout the nation there has been an increase of campus leaders and practitioners that have implemented support for undocumented students with and without work authorization at the undergraduate college level. However, there is still a gap in services and resources for undocumented students at the graduate level.  The University of California, Berkeley is leading the […]